League MemberEdit

Prerequisites: 12 Badges OR Medals, Level 20, facilities (20,000 for Gym facility/40,000 for Frontier facility)
Effect: You take on the responsibilities of either a Frontier Brain or a Gym Leader, and you must accept challenges at least once a week. If you lose, you must give the victor a Frontier Medal if you are a brain, or a Gym badge if you are a leader. If you have 10 Badges you may become a Gym Leader, but you do not need to choose an elemental type. If you have 10 medals you may become a Frontier Brain. You don’t need to remain in your facility’s location to accept challenges, but you do need to let those at your facilities know where you are to forward challengers. Each week you are issued 2000 (for Leaders) or 4500(for Brains) for your services as a League Member and to create Medals/Badges, which can only be done at your facilities for 1050 (for Leaders) or 2050 (for Brains). You are only paid weekly if you accept at least 3 challenges. You may not take League Member more then once, even if you have qualified for multiple positions. Add 2 to your CHA stat.